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“Creative futures don’t just look different, they feel different.” Steven Connelly


The other day I posted a short blog talking about the session Steven Connelly ran with Group 2, encouraging them to take part in reflecting their own journey through Epilepsy Futures.

Steven talks a bit more about this below, and our plan to have a creative writing workshop every couple of weeks.

Earlier on this week I was excited and proud to be sharing my own personal keen interest in blogging that I developed during my personal journey through my time at Epilepsy Futures, talking to the current group about the advantages of blogging and what a blog is all about.

Writing was always a massive passion on mine, I believe my love of writing began when I was a little guy going through primary school, my grandfather faithfully tells me how he always enjoyed witnessing my writing progress and threatens to let me see them again – I don’t know if that’s a good thing

I wasn’t sure what a blog was until I discovered Epilepsy Futures. I was given such a wonderful opportunity to compose a piece of work for the blog, that I decided to write and reflect on experiences and moments  on a weekly basis, just because the group I was part of was the very first one.

It can be hard to make time for creativity in any walks of life but in my opinion finding your own expression is extremely important and amazing for your confidence and self esteem.

You can get stuck in a rut and think to yourself “Does it really make a difference?”

The short answer is: absolutely!

Creative futures don’t just look different, they feel different. They provide an environment where participants are more likely to express their ideas, think outside the box, challenge problems with innovative solutions and most importantly – learn faster, more effectively and positively.

I am satisfied with the success of Wednesday’s session as the group are really interested in creating some entries for the blog pages. One person even spoke to me privately, asking a few questions which is just incredible.

I am taking a lot of pleasure in peer mentoring the group and I am going to be working with the group every two weeks with blog sessions.

Also, it is such an comfort and encouragement when our blog and Facebook page receives so many meaningful messages of support.

I feel that the blog is helping individuals all over the world and personally as far as I am concerned that’s an amazing job done.

Steven Connelly