Group 5 and Peer Mentors at the end of their Joy Works block.


Here in Glasgow, February has been a wet and stormy month, with very little brightness to raise spirits.

However, a weekly ray of sunshine was our Thursday sessions with Sharon from Joy Works.

Group 5 and and two of their mentors ( Jessica & Paul) had the chance to relax, play some fun games and try some drama in the form of role play.

Sharon and I worked together to create four sessions which would build on the work we had been doing in our “Living life to the full” and “Write to recovery” sessions.
These sessions have been helping people to spot some of the vicious circles that we can all get into when anxious or down, and how to stand up to those “inner critics” that destroy our self esteem.
We especially focused on how to be more assertive rather than pleasing others, and practiced role playing real life situations suggested by the group.

Each week built on the following themes

  • “Asking for what you need”
  • “Why do we say yes, when we mean no”
  • “Focusing on you”
  • “What’s in my control and what to let be”


Before we started there was a degree of anxiety about weekly drama sessions, but everyone in the room expressed some sadness that the sessions had come to an end so soon.

I think the smiley faces in the photo at the top of the page demonstrate the enjoyment that people felt.

And how much more confident they appear from their first group photo back in December 2019.

Feedback from the group included


“I liked being out of my comfort zone and learning new techniques”

“We can’t control everything, but the things we can are amazing”

“Couldn’t be improved, except if it was longer”

“I liked seeing how funny it was, and seeing everyone enjoying themselves”

“I liked the role play, and seeing how differently everyone expresses themselves”

“I learned how to stick to my guns in what I want to do, not doing stuff to please other people.”

The Group have now started 8 weeks on the online “Epilepsy & You” self management course developed by Epilepsy Action and will shortly be commencing a series of sessions learning meditation techniques and the gentle art of Qi Gong.


We also had a very successful “Information Session” on 19th February when several people joined us to hear the current group and mentors share their experiences of being part of the programme. Thanks to everyone who came along!


Peter Dale

Epilepsy Futures Coordinator