Group 2 Group Pic

Introducing Epilepsy Futures Group Two… here’s to the next six months together!


Today was spent beginning the process of getting to know each other, setting down ground rules to help everyone feel comfortable to participate and be respected, and sharing our expectations of the next few months.

There was lots of nervous chatter and excited energy, but also the beginnings of people making connections and escaping their own isolation and lack of routines

During this first week we will be gently getting to know each other, and meeting other Epilepsy Connections staff, plus the peer mentors from group one.

Though a couple of faces are missing from today due to factors beyond their control, I am sure when then join us, they will be made to feel as much at home as everyone else.

Hopefully, members of the group will be willing to share their stories and reflections here soon, and we will introduce you as they contribute.


Peter Dale