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It’s the first of February, the beginning of Spring in the Celtic calendar, and a good time for a quick update about our first Epilepsy Futures participants.

Their confidence levels having been growing just like the hours of day light, as they  build new routines for themselves and try new opportunities.

Personally, I am delighted to see how people have engaged with the programme. The project is flexible, person centred and holistic in its approach, helping each person who takes part to navigate their own journey through the six month programme, and I look forward to seeing what will emerge in the coming months and years.

Induction period

On reflection, this five week period seems to have been an invaluable in helping people adjust to the idea of making changes in their day to day routine, bonding with each other, to create a safe space.

It’s been wonderful to see how participants have been there for each other, as stories and experiences have been shared, with some tears and lots of warm laughter.

Feedback from our first day indicated this, with a common theme being how good it was to meet other people with epilepsy for the first time.

Workshops during this period were created to help people think about themselves, their needs, what is important to them, and who they are as an individual.

This was an important starting point in figuring out what their futures journey might be about, while our trips to community based resources such as Volunteer Glasgow, City College and Projectability reduced anxieties about trying things outside their usual comfort zone..

January’s workshops

A New Year and everyone seemed pleased to be back together after their Christmas break, catching up with each others news and getting back into the groove of being together once more.

Even  with the wintry weather, the group members natural warmth of feeling has been evident as they have continued to deepen their experiences.

From learning about how our inner critical voices undermine our best endeavours, to thinking about strategies to assertively challenge those voices, (internal and in the world around us,) people have been trying out new skills that they can use in their day to day life.

This month group members have been exploring activities on their own, making new connections and taking steps along their own personal Epilepsy Futures journey.

One person has started on the “BT Sports Gateway to Employments Programme”, run by the Celtic Foundation. He will be taking part in this 10 week programme which will help him think about his skills in relation to employability, as well as sporting activities with a group of other young people.

Someone else has started volunteering as an administration assistant at Possobilities, a community organisation. Her warm bubbly personality makes her the ideal person to meet when you enter the building, and she is able to use her many years experience in other paid roles to help with a range of administrative tasks.


The month ahead

February will see us reach the half way point of this first group – time flies so quickly!.

We continue to run weekly self-management sessions covering topics such as investing in your own health, working with health professionals and thinking about both memory and building resilience.

Group members will be sharing their experiences with possible future participants at an information session we have organised in mid February, and a number of them have already indicated their interest in supporting the next group through their Futures journey as peer mentors.

Please feel free to share our blog link if you have enjoyed reading our posts – there will be more over the next three years!

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Peter Dale

Epilepsy Futures Coordinator