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In an attempt to encourage participants to reflect upon and share their own life experiences, today we had a session on blogging.

Steven Connelly led the session, sharing some of his thoughts and feelings about what it has been like to contribute to our blog over the last six months.

As a peer mentor, he will be working together with anyone in the group over the next couple of months, encouraging Epilepsy Futures participants to think about what they might like to develop and share via the blog.

As well as written material, contributions might include

  • photographs
  • art work
  • poems
  • “interviews”

We have been delighted at how many views the blog has had, with people looking from around the globe. Stories are undoubtedly the most natural way for us to connect as human beings, as we read experiences that we can identify with.

Let’s see what emerges from the creative process…


Peter Dale