Scott Coyne, Volunteer Coordinator, Epilepsy Connections


On Tuesday 12th my colleague Scott Coyne (Volunteer Coordinator) led a session on resilience, asking the group to think about what the word means to them and then talking through the various factors that support our ability to be resilient.

Scott says…

Coming to the resilience workshops again with a new group presents new challenges, a new dynamic and an underlying nervousness on my part about whether the group will receive the session positively.  My nerves, (as ever) were misplaced.

We decided to have the first resilience workshop much earlier in the six month cycle in order to be able to introduce the participants to the basic concept of resilience and inparticular the resilience mapping technique at the centre of the workshop. We decided this in order to give the group time to think more fully about the ideas to which they are introduced and the six thematic areas of the map.

  1. Education
  2. Interests and Talents
  3. Friendships
  4. Secure Base
  5. Positive Values
  6. Social Competancies

The intention being that in approx. 4 months time (close to the end of the cycle) I will return for the 2nd part of the workshop in which the group will present their own personal resilience maps to the group, and we will analyse them together.

The new group really engaged with the workshop, one participant called the mapping technique “ingenious”. There seemed to be much for the group to take away over the coming months and I look forward to spending some time with them again later to look at their progress.

Our Training and Development manager Sam took the group through the safeTALK programme on Wednesday 13th, helping participants to become more aware of signs that someone may be struggling with suicidal thoughts, and what to do to assist in such circumstances, connecting them to someone who can help.

It also allowed a couple of participants to share their own personal experiences of contemplating suicide, which has helped people to bond more deeply.