The Peer Mentors from Groups 1, 2 and 3 were in on Wednesday 15th in preparation for the arrival of Group 4 on 21st May.

The discussion allowed time for lots of reflection about how to effectively support participants to have their own unique experiences on the Epilepsy Futures programme.

We talked about how to be a good listener, how to manage boundaries, the practicalities of a rota to cover sessions, and how to give each other support.

It is especially exciting because we have two new mentors, who recently graduated from Group 3.

They are really keen to help and support the new group, and will be shadowed by the existing mentors as they find their own way of offering support and encouragement.

Our rota is prepped and our programme for the next few months is coming in to shape (while leaving enough space to include suggestions from Group 4 and the mentors)

All that remains is to buy biscuits and set up the room ready for their arrival.

Come back next week to find out how they are settling in!

Peter Dale

Epilepsy Futures Coordinator