Some of our mentors

One of the central parts of our Epilepsy Futures programme is that members of each cohort become “peer mentors” for the succeeding group.

The intention behind this is to maximise the self-management, experiential learning outcomes of the programme, and to build the capacity of people living with Epilepsy in being able to share their knowledge, skills and confidence with others.

As Group One comes to its end next week, most members of the group want to use their skills in some sort of way with Epilepsy Connections, by becoming volunteers with our children and families programme, training as befrienders, or volunteering at our allotment. Some even will be combining one of those roles with being a Peer Mentor as well!

We met together on 30th April to run through a “training session” thinking about how they had felt on their first day and what their experience had been. The group talked about

  • how the new group might be feeling…
  • what they might need to help them…
  • and that the role of a mentor might be…


We also thought about what makes effective listening skills, how to be aware of boundaries and some of the practicalities of being a volunteer.
The plan is to have a couple of mentors present at each of the sessions during the induction phase of Group 2, to allow natural connections to form while the new group participants bond with each other.
Peter Dale