“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” ~ Seneca


Group 1 Graduation without logos


It really seems just like yesterday that “Day One” of Epilepsy Futures was dawning, full of nervous excitement and anxiety about what lay ahead for the group – feelings that were shared by all us, participants and staff at Epilepsy Connections.

Much work had gone into creating a self management model that would give support to people living with epilepsy to become more aware of how they could make positive changes to themselves, their lifestyles and their responses to their seizure activity, while gaining new confidence, feeling better about themselves and making new community connections.

Six months later, today marked the official end of our first group, and we spent time sharing our thoughts and feelings about being involved, and what we had appreciated about getting to know each other. There was even a group hug.

A couple of people missed the “official graduation” but here we had five of the seven people who have worked so hard over the last six months.

Shirley Maxwell (Epilepsy Connections Executive Director) spoke to the group and shared her delight at the way in which people had worked so hard and achieved so much in their time, wishing them well for whatever they do next, commenting that it is not the end, but the end of the beginning.

I will be seeing everyone on a one to one basis next week, to help ensure everyone has a follow on plan for themselves. Some people will be peer mentors, others are going to be helping at the Futures allotment, while others pursue other activities in the community such as with the Celtic Foundation.

On 22nd May  Group Two will be starting, with a whole new group of people who are keen to embark on their own Epilepsy Futures journey…

Watch this space!

Peter Dale, Epilepsy Futures Coordinator