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Today’s post includes some thoughts from our Training and Development Manager Sam Whitmore, and Steven Connelly, who is our regular current Futures blogger.

They share their perspectives on the “Memory Workshop” which Sam facilitated on 13th February, as part of the our going self-management programme.
Here are Sam’s thoughts…

Spent a very enjoyable half-day delivering a memory workshop to those enrolled on the Epilepsy Futures project.

We discussed a range of issues including memory as a multifaceted ability, factors contributing to memory loss in epilepsy and approaches to minimising memory difficulty.

There was much discussion around all these topic’s with participants offering their own lived experience in relation to struggling with their memory and the strategies they had developed to alleviate those issues.

The workshop included a variety of ‘games’ to highlight peoples functionality in relation to short-term and long term memory based around auditory and visual stimulus and the recognition that offered a suitable environment and detailed information the results they achieve are similar to the general population.

However we live in a fast moving diverse world where ‘suitable environments and detailed information’ are in short supply and therefore memory problems are a real and often frustrating aspect of living with this disease.

My thanks to all who took part, was a pleasure working with you.


while Steven says…

Sam Whitmore hosted this weeks Epilepsy Futures subject, one which I had been looking forward to for some time.

My memory is exceptionally poor and though I understand that I need a range of  epilepsy medication to control my seizure activity, I can sometimes feel powerless and helpless at the way in which it can take over my life.

I feel that I am now more mindful, and because of futures have made friends that understand and who are affected daily with the issues that I am dealing with.

However, I was extremely anxious and distressed on the morning of the workshop, even though I knew Sam was the trainer, and I know and trust him.

I presume I had a major worries  because  I have memory difficulties myself and suppose was afraid that talking about memory difficulties would be too difficult for me.

I should have absolutely realised it certainly wouldn’t be like that, that it would obviously be about learning and achieving, with injections of fun and laughter all the way, and it definitely was that. Why was I anxious?

Sam’s workshop was fascinating,  and I’m not surprised to hear that one of the most frequently reported issue for people with epilepsy is memory loss or problems.

His explanations of how memory works and how seizures and medication can affect it really helped me understand the reasons for my memory issues. I learned about things that I never knew about before.

This so far has been my favourite session; we all had such a laugh doing the different memory tasks, knowing that each of us shared a similar memory issue.

It was obvious from the feedback that others in the group got just as much from the session, with one person saying that they had been reassured to find out their memory isn’t as bad as they thought it was.

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Peter Dale