Buddhist Centre1

Today, four of the current Futures group attended an optional extra session at the Kadampa Meditation Centre, where Kelsang Droklar (one of the centre’s teachers) took us through a couple of short meditation sessions, and talked about the purpose and benefits of developing a regular mediation practice.

The session was organised as a result of ongoing discussions about dealing with stress and anxiety, and how to develop more positive thinking styles.

One of the strengths of Epilepsy Futures is that people are encouraged to challenge their comfort zones, by trying new activities while they are in a familiar group.

Judging by the feedback yesterday, and Steven’s post below, it seems to have given people a taster of a simple method they can try in their own time, and it appears that some people might even go back!


Buddhist Centre

Today our group got the opportunity to attend a meditation session at Glasgow’s Kadampa Meditation Centre.

Personally, this was my first introduction into the world of meditation, as I have never embarked upon any  “special method” awareness workshops or activities before, as I was always uncertain and lacked confidence in the subject matter.

I was really fascinated about our session, and even though the meditation wasn’t effortless, it was interesting building up a knowledge of a lovely and relaxing breathing practice. This will be amazing for dealing and coping with stressful situations.

The teacher also gave an interesting lecture on how we can combine meditation in every day living. This is incredible as it may help develop confidence and reduce the effects of stress in people.

After our experience today I left the building feeling refreshed and regenerated, and it was inspiring to hear the teachers views and opinions regarding meditation.

I really enjoyed today, and because of my attendance to Epilepsy Futures, that is another location I have been to and really admired. I am looking forward to my next visit.

Steven Connelly