Group 1 at Kelvinhall

Some Epilepsy Futures participants outside the Kelvin Hall gym


In our most recent workshop, external trainer Tim Bone discussed the importance in understanding the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as a personal investment for the future.

Tim’s presentation helped participants think about all the areas of life that might be impacted from failing to do this, from reduced quality of life to,  in the worst scenarios , where failure to be mindful of ones health can lead to restrictions upon your independence and reliance on others to manage various aspects of  day to day living.

Our regular blogger Steven shares his thoughts in reaction to this session, and reflects on what he has taken from the discussion.


“Our subject this week was facilitated by Tim Bone, and was in connection with “Investing in Future Health,” in particular concentrating on everyone who is impaired by Epilepsy.


Throughout Tim’s sessions, he has highlighted on how important it is to try and be as independent as possible and be able to make  decisions for yourself.


Tim helped us think about how easy it might be for others to end up taking legal responsibility for people with some long term conditions and disabilities, if there were no other family or supportive people around.



The session also made me think about how important  to learn about diet,  which in my opinion is absolutely such a relevant topic. I think it’s  really scary  to think that a bad, unbalanced diet could lead to a situation of increasing costs, that eventually bankrupt our NHS due directly to illnesses they cause.


I consider myself to follow a genuinely good diet with a great quantity of fruit and vegetables daily, but I have need to cut down my guilty pleasure, which is sweets and chocolate. Though I have always found this difficult,  but after Tim’s session I am having a great shot at it, as I don’t want to experience any other conditions in the future.


Steven Connelly