The last group of the current Epilepsy Futures self management programme starts in May this year.

We are having an “Information Session” for people who might be interested in joining Group 6.


Wednesday 19th February, from 1 – 3pm

Epilepsy Connections Offices (Glasgow City Centre)


This will be a chance to meet current and past participants and find out from them how they are learning to self-manage for themselves.

To be eligible to take part in the programme, you need

  • To be aged 18+
  • To have a current diagnosis of epilepsy
  • To live in our area of coverage (Ayrshire & Arran, Greater Glasgow & Clyde, and Forth Valley)
  • To be able to travel to our city centre venue, 3 half days per week

To get the most out of the 24 week programme you need to be at a point in your life where you want to engage in a process of positive change, and be ready to make a regular routine for yourself.

Contact us on 0141 248 4125 if you would like to attend the session or discuss taking part in Group 6.


Peter Dale

Epilepsy Futures Coordinator