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Group 2 have finished the 3rd week of their induction period, and no one can quite believe where the time has gone.

Already they are talking about what a difference being part of Epilepsy Futures is having on their lives.

  • Having a routine, something to get up for
  • Something to tell partners, friends and family members about each day
  • Something to look forward to
  • Enjoying the weekends as “free time”
  • Being amongst like minded people

Some people have said that others  in their lives can see a real difference in how they are, or they can feel a difference in themselves.

Judging by the amount of sharing  and laughter in the room, they are certainly bonding well.

This last week has been busy and varied, with “Heart Start” training on Tuesday 5th, delivered by Sam Whitmore (Training and Development Manager) giving theory and practical tips for first aid emergency situations, an important consideration for a group of people with epilepsy.

Wednesday 6th saw us pop along the block to visit our colleagues at Volunteer Glasgow   where staff talked about what being a volunteer involves, the benefits of volunteering, and the kinds of opportunities available.

The group were really happy to learn that there is a “drop in” facility available for them to go back and get help to register and search for volunteering, and delighted to find that opportunities to volunteer exist in their local communities or to suit their own interests and skills.

On Thursday 7th we had an introduction to stress management, delivered by Heather Davies, who is part of the Fieldwork Team here in Glasgow.

We talked about what causes us stress and what negative and positive ways there are to deal with these feelings and sensations, and Heather showed the group a simple way to use an acupressure point in the palm of the hand to breathe and relax when feeling over anxious.

Heather and I both have backgrounds in stress management, complementary therapies and meditation/relaxation techniques, and the group said they would be interested in a programme of sessions trying

  • Progressive relaxation
  • Meditation and breathing techniques
  • “Active” mindfulness such as colouring in mandalas, or walking
  • Having a “crafternoon”
  • Sharing hobbies and skills

Next week we will be doing a Resilience Workshop with my colleague Scott Coyne (Volunteer Coordinator, Epilepsy Connections) on Tuesday, safeTALK suicide awareness on Wednesday with Sam Whitmore (Training and Development manager) and the week is finished on Thursday with a trip to Project Ability  for some creative relaxation.


Peter Dale