EPA Group 2


Here we are in “Week Two” and Glasgow is still sunny, warm and dry!

On Tuesday we had an Epilepsy Awareness training session, facilitated by our Training and Development manager Sam Whitmore.

The group learned about how seizure types had been reclassified last year, enabling them to understand new terminology that their consultants may be using when they next see them.

Everyone shared details of their own seizure types and what they might need from each other should they have any activity while we are together.

Sam showed a video showing people the range of different manifestations of seizure activities, even when they are headed under the same type. While it was upsetting for some people to witness what happens to others,  the feedback from the was really positive in terms of what people had learned already about epilepsy, and there were lots of really good questions thrown up.

Group members were also given newsletters and membership applications to join the   Glasgow Disability Alliance  if they wished, with someone commenting that they had been given more information about what is available to them in the last week than they have received in years!

Today we will be looking at “Goal Setting”, helping people to think about;

  • the purpose of goal setting
  • what helps/hinders us when trying to achieve goals
  • how we can make sure that goals are realistic, achievable and also challenge us to move beyond our familiar comfort zones

And asking people to think about and share some of the goals they might like to set for their next six months together.

Our Peer Mentors have been joining us, to get to know the group and to share their own experiences where relevant and appropriate, and today we have Sharon popping in to meet folks for the first time.

Tomorrow, we are hoping to pop along to  Free Wheel North at Glasgow Green for some cycling fun, and on Friday those who are interested will be heading up to the Epilepsy Futures allotment plot.


Peter Dale