Group 3 graduates with Peter Dale, Epilepsy Futures Coordinator (left) & Shirley Maxwell, Executive Director of Epilepsy Connections (right)

There was lots of emotions at Epilepsy Futures today  as the six members of Epilepsy Futures reached the end of their 24 week programme and celebrated their time here.

Together with the five peer mentors who have supported the group, we each reflected on what being part of the programme had meant to us, and passed on positive messages to each other in thanks and appreciation of our time together.

Peer Mentors attending group 3 graduation

Peer Mentors from Groups 1 and 2

The group also left individual messages for Group 4 who will be starting on 21st May, reassuring them and creating a positive welcome.

Graduation Bubble Linda

Comments from other participants included

“Make the most of it, as the time passes quickly but the outcome is worth it…My experience has been brilliant, my confidence is growing and I met some amazing people. Before Futures I didn’t leave the house, spent most days in bed and didn’t have any purpose” C.N

“All sceptical thoughts put away. It was a mixed group, ages, backgrounds, but the key is we all have epilepsy. The group gained knowledge, confidence and comfort sharing with each other. Peer mentors etc helped build confidence with their calmness & encouragement” C.B.

“Epilepsy Futures is an amazing group that is extremely helpful and doesn’t discriminate against your background. They can help you get in contact with outside organisations to help you” J.W.

“Try and enjoy the whole experience, it can really help you. You learn a lot about how epilepsy works, and you get lots of good advice about living with it. It’s like one big family, so enjoy your six months – it will go by quickly” PMcG

And then we went for some lunch to celebrate –

Next week I will be meeting up with individual members to make sure they are prepared for the ending of the programme.

Already some people have fixed up employability options for themselves in their local communities, while others will be joining us as peer mentors.

Group 4 will be starting very soon on 21st May, so be sure to come back and find out all about their Epilepsy Futures journey!

Peter Dale

Epilepsy Futures Coordinator