Epilepsy Futures Group 2, visit the Celtic FC Foundation, 10th October 2018

As Group 2 participants draw to the end of their six month journey on Epilepsy Futures, we have been spending some time over the last week hearing about different employability options.

These have included;

Volunteering Works – a volunteering based employability programme run by the helpful people at Volunteer Glasgow. Two half days per week, over a five week block will lead to people obtaining a Level 4 SQA Employability Award, using volunteering as a way to build skills, knowledge and contacts, and is open to people in the Glasgow postcode area.

Open Door – which is a supportive employment programme for people with a disability, which can help with self confidenceĀ  through CV building, application and interview skills and supported work placements, to people in receipt of PIP and ESA, living in the Glasgow area.

Fair Start – a flexible, person centred employability programme run by Remploy with various partner programmes, and currently operating in the Glasgow area, Lanarkshire and Angus, Dundee, Perth and Kinross.


And on Wednesday 10th the group visited theĀ the Celtic FC Foundation, where we met Shannon, Dylan and Patrick Taylor, who is just about to start work as a trainee Community Employability coach

IMG-20181015-WA0000Epilepsy Futures Group 2, with Patrick Taylor and Dylan & Shannon from the Celtic FC Foundation

Shannon and Dylan talked about the various employability programmes that they run, including ones focused for the 16- 24 year age group, one for people aged 18+ that runs one day per week for 10 weeks, and another which is supporting people looking to get skills, training and experience in the hospitality field.

There was lots of food for thought with most members of the group leaving contact details to be kept up to date when a new programme would be starting.

We also got to hear Patrick talking about how his experience on Epilepsy Futures and the Celtic Foundation employability programmes have led him to be about to start working as a paid trainee community coach – an inspiration for the group.

This week I will be meeting all the participants for a one to one chat about what they have personally gained from being part of the programme, how they will make use of all they have learned about resilience and what they are going to be doing next.

Peter Dale