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Trainer Tim Bone hosted our Epilepsy Futures topic on Tuesday 30th, which was all about “Assertiveness” and was tailored for those of us who have Epilepsy.

During the session, Tim highlighted topics such as power, the difference between authoritative and aggressive behaviour, and practical ways to manifest of assertiveness in day to day settings, whether it is at work, in volunteering settings or even speaking to the receptionist at the local doctors surgery.

Attending Epilepsy Futures has made me feel that I have gained confidence, learned to speak up, speak my mind, and ask for help and advice. I feel more courageous in expressing my opinions and views, and having these respected by others.

Since our assertiveness  session with Tim on 30th January, there certainly has been a change in me, I have been more confident and comfortable in making phone calls to my local GP and Dentist Practice to make appointments and explain why I missed an appointment.

I feel I am taking control of that situation more and able to engage in conversation with people in authority and able to terminate the conversation in a way that is comfortable for me.

I was also able to visit a family member who has been causing me irritation. I dealt with that situation before any more anger built up inside my system, which could have lead to health problems. I felt so proud and satisfied that I had done so.


Steven Connelly


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