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Can you believe it? I know, it is extremely difficult to but we are in our fourth week of Epilepsy Futures!
We are all having such a positive and fun time, while learning important strategies, mechanisms, and essential life skills as well as undertaking new ventures and activities.

This week we were honoured and humbled to take part in Glasgow Disability Alliances’ “Learning Festival” where we all tried some new activities.

The afternoon was a mixture of participation-based workshops and information stalls, where we were able to pick up lots of new information about training, mental health and other things.

We were able to take part in a range of activities from aromatherapy massage to making music, which we all cherished and felt blessed to have experienced. We felt blessed to be trying out things that we would not otherwise have had the chance to do, due to having a long-term health condition like epilepsy.

My own activity was making music, and I found this workshop to be engaging, interesting and entertaining. The musicians were hilarious with great communication skills and the workshop was based on African dance styles and chants, as well as blending with dance and styles from other ethnic groups.

There was a wide array of musical instruments, including many different sizes of drums, and I was able to find the confidence to take part in playing an instrument, which was a major gain for me. I also found the chanting to be a great stress reliever.

We all found the experience of the day to be extremely worthwhile and beneficial. No one was judgemental or discriminatory to each other, which made a lovely change, since we often have faced other people’s prejudices in the past. I had the chance to meet a wide range of people all from different backgrounds, learning their stories and realising that I am not so alone.

It was a lovely day, and sums up the purpose of Epilepsy Futures.

Steven Connelly