Stevens Bag

My Futures Christmas Bag – ProjectAbility workshop

It’s almost impossible to believe that it was only last month that we were all preparing ourselves for the Epilepsy Futures programme. Reflecting back I recall my own distress, restlessness, lack of faith in myself  and anxiety. So much so that I had difficulty sleeping the night before. These were feelings that others in the group shared.

Look at me now five weeks later, I have achieved massive success so far and it’s only the beginning. Everyone feels at ease and comfortable in the friendly and familiar atmosphere.

On the 5th we went on a private tour of the truly ravishing and unique Glasgow City Chambers, truly an iconic and beautiful building.  It was an honour walk up the magnificent grand marble staircase (the largest in Western Europe). I have walked past this building must be at least a thousand times but it was so fulfilling and interesting to actually get the opportunity to experience the building, learning about the history from our tour guide Des.

I felt the group visited at exactly on the correct day as we saw some of the elderly people of Glasgow enjoying some Christmas entertainment and a lovely Christmas meal. It was such a small gesture from Glasgow City Council but a gesture that you could see mean the world to those Elderly people as that may be the only Christmas dinner and company that they will endure this festive season, making it a very heart warming experience to witness.

Experiencing this was inspiring and I am seriously contemplating using my skills, knowledge, experience and personality  to transform someone else life and make them feel better and happier. Even if it’s just for a few hours volunteering at Christmas meals and get-together’ s for elderly people all around Glasgow and Ayrshire or helping at the homeless shelters.

On the 6th we took part in Epilepsy Awareness, which has been one of the most important and informative part of the course so far

Everyone who is taking part in the programme has epilepsy, in its different forms.  It has been extremely important that we were all trained, in case an emergency arises while on our programme as we will be able to help others both In Epilepsy Connections and in our day to day lives outside.

Sam, our trainer, passed on his knowledge and understanding to us in a way that I personally enjoyed, making a serious subject interesting and approachable.

Then on 7th December we went to Projectability, at the Tron Gate in Glasgow., where we all had an amazing, fun and certainly surprising afternoon. I have never ever believed in myself regarding any art project, but thanks to the guidance and support by the tutor Iona, I found the class to be very therapeutic.

We all made lovely festive bags, I designed mine based on Epilepsy Futures Christmas 2017 as I want to hold on to it as a reminder and a keep sake of what I have achieved in the programme.

Project Ability Art Class 1

Art workshop at Projectability

I have left my details with Projectability, and they will send me details and updates on next intake of their art programme. I would really enjoy a programme with Projectability as it’s relaxing, there’s no pressure and I can get help and guidance at any stage from any of the friendly tutors.

I have had another positive, entertaining and inspiring week at Futures. I certainly have a few options open to me by just attending City Chambers on Tuesday and Projectability on Thursday, this is what Futures is all about being influenced and motivated by someone or a group of individuals, and I am only in my first month.