Diffusing the inner critic workshop

Its extremely difficult to comprehend that we are now officially into another year already. It feels like Christmas and New Year are just such a distant memory.

It might be dark, rainy, depressing winter days but personally I am pleased as punch to get my routine back into swing and go back up to Epilepsy Collections for the the second semester of the Epilepsy Futures course. I am enjoying it so much, and it’s  wonderful to catch up with all my friends and hear all about their festive frolics.

The very first day of Epilepsy Futures 2018 started off with an extremely interesting and an affirmative  discussion regarding “Dealing with the Inner Critic”-  how to use positive affirmations to overcome negative thinking, delivered by Tim Bone.

In the world which we are living in at the moment negative thinking is responsible for most of our failings. It is programmed into our minds from such a young age to think that we are not good enough, especially when you suffer from a long term health condition or mental health condition. Your constantly having negative thoughts about yourself and your life.

Tim’s session today was extremely thought provoking and informative, and was presented to our group with so much enthusiasm and confidence. The knowledge and confidence I have gained I will be able to use in all walks of life now, and the skills are transferable in all areas of life.

I now feel more confident and relaxing about joining a gym and exercising in general. I learned that gym and exercise boosts and improves your mood in general and good mood and internal critic don’t work together, so its important that this must be avoided.

Steven Connelly

9 January 2018