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In this post, Steven Connelly reflects upon what he gained this week, from considering issues about safety and travel.

As you will see, he feels that he has learned some new tips and strategies to help him enjoy leisure pursuits that mean a lot to him.


This week was session four in our Epilepsy And You course, which is created by Epilepsy Action.

The subject matter of the topic covered this week was the impact safety issues has on your independence as an individual living with such a debilitating condition as epilepsy.

We acknowledged each other’s personal feelings regarding one of the most difficult and controversial issues surrounding this condition for many people, the feelings of not being able to drive.

This weeks “Safety, travel and your independence” topic was the very relevant to me, as it made me reflect on a number of experiences I have had with my tonic clonic seizures. including one where I almost lost my life.

Attending concerts and shows is a massive passion of mine, if I am well enough to attend due to the unpredictable nature of seizures.

This weeks session was very helpful for me in thinking about how I can try to keep myself safe at events I attend, and that I should think about a risk assessment in advance.

I have found the online course to be very helpful, and Epilepsy Futures has helped me develop skills and confidence I wouldn’t otherwise have had. Thanks to “Epilepsy Action” for creating this very helpful online course too!

Steven Connelly