The group have now reached the seventh week of their online self management course and this week we looked at the topic of work and daily activities, and how people can consider ways to connect to others, get active and contribute.

It included information on the rights that people have under the Equality Act, and also what risks might need to be explored in a work place setting, whether paid or voluntary.

Participants also thought about their own skills and abilities and you can read Steven’s reflection below.

As ever, it touched a rich seam for him as he considered ways he could try to manage the impact of his epilepsy on his wish to help other people.

This week in “Epilepsy and you” we had the opportunity to reflect on our own skills, and it made me think about all the support and experiences I have had in the last five months, as well as the new skills and friends I have developed – things which I personally cherish.

Reflecting on these topics made me realise how much taking part in Epilepsy Futures has given me the confidence, determination and courage to progress on to the Epilepsy Connections Befriending Programme as a volunteer,  which I am looking forward to getting fully involved with, along with other opportunities, such as the People’s Forum and helping as a mentor for the next group.

The session also helped me  to consider and re examine the risks which could be hazardous for myself in a volunteering opportunity and at work, because of the  unknown and unpredictable nature of my type of Epilepsy seizure type.  It also helped me think about how I can work with any future employer to minimise these risks.

Recognising these risks and thinking how they can be managed  has given me positive self esteem, as I don’t hate myself or blame myself for anything.

I don’t feel worthless anymore.

Living with my condition has taught me to appreciate the good days even more and I am quite confident in the future about having a job working with vulnerable people  in the community. I enjoy giving too others, and get so much pleasure and passion seeing people progress.

Over the last few months  I have certainly learned that life is far too short, there is a incredibly wonderful world out there -let’s go and live it – I believe in myself and I don’t feel worthless anymore.


Steven Connelly