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Today’s blog is a reflection on our first session at the Mitchell Library, working on the online self-management course developed by Epilepsy Action.

This course is normally accessed by people individually, to work on their own. We are excited to see what will happen when a group of people already half way through a self management programme have the chance to deepen their experiences thus far via this award winning course.

Helpful library staff got us logged into their IT system,  and the self -contained IT suite proved to be an ideal space for our participants to work on their own, with the added support of familiar faces near by to help them talk over anything if needed.

One of our group has recently started volunteering with Glasgow Life as a “Digi Pal” and he made use of his IT skills in showing someone how to send an email for the first time, as well as helping me in supporting people with any other IT glitches.

This session focused on peoples individual experiences of epilepsy, their journey to date and what they want to get out of the course, ending with them thinking about goal setting.

The group then made use of the busy public cafe to have a general catch up and chat.

Our regular contributor Steven Connelly shares his thoughts below.

I am in disbelief, it’s just unbelievable we have reached more than half way through Epilepsy Futures. We have all accomplished remarkable success, achieved and explored our own personal goals and situations.

It is now time for us to participate in an online course, which I have been looking forward to starting for some time now, as any related advice and guidance regarding the condition is amazing for me.

The online course is facilitated by a team at Epilepsy Action and it is designed to give guidance, support and information for people with epilepsy.

The course for us is eight weeks long and it’s positive that we were getting to experience this still during Futures, visiting the Mitchell Library each week to use their technology.

It is great that we are getting out and about to a location of interest and of importance as this was my first time in the library.

I personally feel extremely fortunate as I realise not everyone has the chance to be involved with these amazing opportunities.

The Epilepsy And You course and Epilepsy Futures does motivate you to give everything your best shot.

Steven Connelly


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