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In today’s post Sharon, another member of the current Epilepsy Futures group, shares an honest reflection of the challenges she has been encountering recently.

Sharon’s experience highlights the difficulties of living with a condition like epilepsy, and how the unpredictable nature of seizures can have a knock on effect, even when taking part in a service like Futures, which aims to build resilience by helping people learn more about self – management.

Sharon had started volunteering in an organisation where she could use her many years experience in administration, when she was hit by a cluster of seizures that took away her confidence, and lead to her isolating herself for a few weeks.

She is now attending a meditation class near to where she lives to help her with her anxiety and is once again thinking about how she can build new opportunities to get involved in the community, including getting involved with services we provide to people with epilepsy, including being a peer mentor to the next group of participants.


Hi, my name is Sharon Cairney and I am a member of the current Epilepsy Futures group.

Before joining futures, I was pretty much a recluse but since then I have met so many lovely new friends something that is new to me as I find it difficult to trust people.

The last few weeks I have had a difficult time due to my tonic clonic seizures occurring more often than I could cope with.

During this time, I found myself picking up a glass a wine to try and calm my nerves which was the worst decision I could have made as I have been in recovery since 2005 after a lot of family problems.

The reason I am telling everyone out there my story today is because I managed to pick myself up with the help of Epilepsy Connection, but most importantly being honest and not afraid.

I am now back on track, yes still taking seizures but not letting them control my life, so anyone out there just know you’re not alone.


Sharon Cairney