Our Volunteer Coordinator, Scott Coyne, on Wednesday’s Resilience and Epilepsy Workshop…


On Wednesday we held the 2nd of the 2 part Resilience and Epilepsy Workshops with #epilepsyfutures Group 2. If you would like to find out more about the workshops and how they work, then please visit this previous post:

Resilience Workshop, Part 2

These sessions are always quite challenging for the group as they ask to you to honestly reflect and make some decisions based on the 6 themes contained within the ‘resilience map’.

  1. Secure Base
  2. Positive Values
  3. Education
  4. Social Competencies
  5. Friendships
  6. Interests and Talents

Being honest about these choices reveals a more insightful and ultimately useful map, it also gives a clearer view of exactly where someone is at, at this particular stage. It always offers up other questions and options to pursue in the future, very possibly post Epilepsy Futures. Often participants don’t get the opportunity to reflect positively on themselves (self-compassion) and see their own progress, so these sessions allow an opportunity for our Peer Mentors to highlight achievements and real tangible progress in participants lives…sometimes there are tears…and that is no bad thing!

I really enjoy these sessions with the group, I’ve noticed that some profound things happen within them!


We were joined by Peer Mentors, Sharon Cairney and Steven Connelly, who had already been through this process during their own time as part of #epilepsyfutures Group 1. It was fantastic to have them with us in the session as they were able to support the group in the process and to help them consider the choices/questions that the map asks of you.

Steven Connelly shares his own perspective on the session…

There were lots of anticipation, nerves and fear of the unknown in the room to begin with. Some participants were apprehensive regarding the realisation of their last few months staring back at them in a colour coded resilience map, as they weren’t aware about opportunities, improvement and changes made in their daily lives. They were just concentrating on all the negativity still hovering away in the background, rather than focusing on all the progress made by the group.

The group with guidance and assistance from Scott, Sharon and myself, thought clearly about the six areas of the map, and picked apart exactly where they feel they are at the moment.

As part of the workshop, the group nervously presented their own personal resilience maps to the group and everyone analysed each other’s work, as we had a good group discussion around each individual map.

Everyone worked really hard to develop a clear and honest personal resilience map.  It can be a challenging but rewarding workshop.

Some group members took some further resilience maps home with them as their going to repeat this session in a few weeks time to investigate any possible changes good or bad. I will look forward to seeing their progress.