Summer finally arrived in Glasgow last week, with hot sunshine and clear blue skies,

Over the last six weeks Group 4 have been working at Project Ability  with tutor Iona Grey, using acrylic paint on canvas, offering everyone advice to get the most out of their experience.

I think more than one person was pleasantly surprised at what they had achieved, and some people are considering signing up for future programmes run by the organisation.

A couple of them have been out buying art supplies to make use of at home!

Here’s some feedback from some of those who took part…

Sandra Harvey pic

Sandra said “Project Ability brought out so much confidence and enjoyment in what I was doing. I had a great sense of self satisfaction, and everyone enjoyed it. Iona was lovely and I can’t thank her enough for making us all feel so welcome. She had great patience”


Jill F Pic

Jill had this to say about her experience “I enjoyed the togetherness and sociability of being part of a group, and the new experience. It really helped my self-esteem using acrylic paints after such a long time. The biggest learning thing for me was that I might actually be better at painting than I first thought – I was really negative and hard on myself at first. I learned not to be afraid to try something new”

Maxy pic

Allan(Maxy) said that he “enjoyed getting back into Art again, and haven’t done any since school. I might try it at home”

Brian Harvey Pic

Brian commented “I enjoyed Project Ability because it is the first time I have done this since high school and it takes your mind off everything. I learned I can paint and draw and it helped me relax”

CHris O'R Kingfisher

Chris said “I had a wicked time there, the painting was easy to do and very relaxing. I find it fun, enjoyable and therapeutic”

Caitlin wasn’t at Project Ability on the last session as she was away on holiday, but she said “I liked painting the flowers and it made me feel relaxed. I liked it because the room was quiet and there were only a few people there”


Peter Dale

Epilepsy Futures Coordinator