City College Visit

Today we had an exciting and interesting afternoon as we visited the impressive and astonishing campus in Cathedral Street.

Once we survived what seemed like a  never ending flight of stairs, and got our name badges we were introduced to a lovely Learning Support tutor called Claire, who was our tour guide for this afternoon.

Claire took us on a guided tour of the building which was informative and fascinating. We got the opportunity to experience students in their own classroom and work space environment in the various departments, and as they rest and play also. There is a  massive friendly and respectful buzz around the whole building.

Claire engaged with us all well and was interested in us as people and our educational backgrounds and was able to offer guidance. Because of this I feel confidence in myself and energised to finally complete my Media qualification.

Claire also introduced us all to a woman call Suzanne, who also works in the learning support department. She concluded the afternoon with a very worthwhile conversation based on how the college can support people, especially students with epilepsy. She discussed extremely important points especially for myself as the conversation, was tailored around epilepsy and creative industries as this is her one of many departments to support.

It’s extremely important to experience places that you have never experienced before, try new challenges and get out your comfort zone if it’s only for a small amount of time.

Today one of those days successful and awareness raising days at Epilepsy Futures.
Steven Connelly