Earlier this week, Epilepsy Futures Peer Mentor Steven Connelly delivered a 2nd session on blogging for the current group of participants.

Steven’s aim was to continue to demystify the process of creating blogging content and to highlight that blogging can take many forms, it can be pictorial, video and not necessarily driven by words. Steven led the group in an exercise that was designed to highlight this…he asked the group to choose from a random selection of sealed envelopes.

Steven blogging envelopes

Inside each envelope was a topic or question, that the group were then asked to individually produce a response to, most responses were written, as you would expect, however there was one drawing…

Lucy Blogging sketch

It allowed the group to be creative and reflective…there was even some discussion about how some material that they have could be used!

Steven shares his thoughts on his session below

This week I led my 2nd session on blogging for the current group of Epilepsy Futures participants.

Blogging and Epilepsy Futures combined is a terrific opportunity to enable yourself to be your own person, and tell your own story the way you want to tell it.  I have found it to be an incredibly useful tool in helping me to process my thoughts and feelings on a whole range of subjects and experiences. Hopefully other participants will find it equally beneficial.

Blogging is so creative and takes many forms…not just words.

When you are writing about a topic you decide how to portray a story, what information to include and what information to exclude.  You are your own editor…and the Epilepsy Futures blog is about our journeys.

Knowing that people are finding the blog all over the world and recognising themselves and their own experiences is really quite something. You realise your blog entry’s are actually helping people and connecting with the wider epilepsy community. It takes courage to put yourself out there…no matter what form it takes…but this is part of the process for all of us!

This week I equipped the group with information on skills they need to create blog entry’s that will attract visitors and be insightful.

I also helped them to identify great subjects to create as practice blogs for their very first attempts and they did really great and were passionate about what they were creating.

I aim to continue encouraging and supporting them to produce interesting and engaging material.