Mentors at Alliance Conference


Sharon, Shoaib and Steven represented Epilepsy Futures at the Alliance Annual Conference on Monday 4th June, at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Glasgow.
The theme of this 2nd  Health and Social Care Integration event was “Action!” and Epilepsy Futures was invited to take part in the morning “Learning Zone” workshop which focused on community based learning .

The three of them spoke eloquently of how much they had learned and gained from being part of the six month self – management programme and what they want to pass on as peer mentors. They got a lot of positive feedback from attendees.

It was quite remarkable to hear them talk about how far they have come personally in the last six months, from being stuck at home, anxious, low in confidence and being isolated and depressed.

It’s an exciting stage in the journey of the ongoing Epilepsy Futures programme, as our first batch of graduating mentors  get involved in developing their role, and we look to find ways to connect with other peer mentors to build their own skills further.


Peter Dale