Steven parliament head shot



In today’s post Peer Mentor and recent Epilepsy Futures graduate Steven Connelly reflects on his attendance at last week’s conference at the Radisson Blu Hotel.


Last week it was a great honour for me to represent Epilepsy Connections’  self-management programme at the morning workshop of the Alliances’ conference.

It was a great achievement and opportunity for me to express to others the life changing benefits and the importance of the Epilepsy Futures programme.

I have discovered in such a relaxed atmosphere that I have what it takes to find my own way in life and I can create and live my life as I want and need to.

I have the capacity to feel and deal with my own emotions, to listen to the wisdom of my own body and to reduce all negativity in my life. The programme has let me connect with others and form friendships with people with the same health condition.

I was so proud of my fellow Epilepsy Futures friends, Sharon and Shoaib, who also spoke movingly about their personal struggles with epilepsy. and how much they have grown from Epilepsy Futures.

It was very powerful and positive hearing about their own Futures journey, and inspiring inspiring seeing how far we all have come.

I am proud to have been involved in this conference as I have a personal interest  in and passion for equality. It’s important for all of us to feel that we can participate in our own communities without any discrimination or negativity so that we can achieve our full potential.

I am currently peer mentoring for the second Epilepsy Futures group, which I am really enjoying. It’s such an exciting time for them.

I wish them all the best with the programme and I hope it’s as beneficial to them as it was to me.


Steven Connelly