Epilepsy Futures Group One at the Epilepsy Futures allotment, Gartnaval Hospital- Friday 6th April


After the coldest and snowiest winter we have had for a few years, over the last week or so Spring has been showing us tantalising glimpses of better days to come.

In keeping with this change of season we are delighted to announce that we have managed to obtain a specific Epilepsy Futures allotment plot. This will run on a Friday afternoon during the growing season, from April to October each year.

Epilepsy Connections has been engaged in “therapeutic horticulture” for the last few years, with two existing plots in the west end of Glasgow, which are supported by a regular gardening tutor, volunteers and service users.

Some of the Futures crew turned up on Friday 6th April to begin the process of turning a dormant plot into a little piece of gardening heaven, and along with some hard work there was a lot of chat and banter. As you can see from the photo above a good time was had by all!

Having this plot means that participants from this group (now in the their last month – where has time gone?) have a way to stay connected with each other, and it will also be a perfect place for the next group to be involved with when they start in late May.

This will allow the peer mentoring process to evolve naturally, as the two groups mix and learn from each other.

It will also allow for volunteering opportunities, and we have one person lined up from this group. Sharon has great people skills and enthusiasm and feels this will be an ideal and safe way for her to help others, and in the process overcoming her fear of beasties!

With no expectation that people have to dig/hoe/sow, the plot will allow people an outdoor space to socialise in a relaxed, safe environment – with the benefit of some hand grown veggies later in the year!

Peter Dale, Epilepsy Futures Coordinator


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