Group 2 on their recent walk round Rouken Glen Park, Near Glasgow

The wheel of the year turns ever onward, leaves are changing colour and nights are getting longer.

As Epilepsy Futures heads towards October, we are nervously waiting to find out the results of  Self Management Awards 2018 , at the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday 3rd October.

We’d like to thank everyone who took a few minutes to vote for the service. Regardless of the outcome the programme is continuing to change peoples lives.

Even as Group 2 are finishing off their eight week block of learning at the Mitchell Library-where they have been overcoming personal fears of computers while undertaking the online “Epilepsy and You” self- management course- I have been meeting people who want to join us for Group 3.

We already have a few places filled with individuals who feel the time is right for them to tackle the fears and isolation that living with epilepsy has caused them. I have a few more people to meet in the coming week or so, and we will be starting Group 3 in early November.

Meanwhile, Group 2 will be be meeting up with a range of other services in the coming couple of weeks including Volunteer Glasgow, Glasgow Centre for Independent Living and the Celtic Foundation, to learn about possible follow on options for them to get involved with when their time with Epilepsy Futures comes to an end.

Today the group is off to take part in some Disability Equality training, provided by Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living, where they will learn more about the Equality Act 2010 and how it applies to them. This nicely complements the session we had at the Mitchell Library on Tuesday, where people were considering their rights in the workplace, at college or volunteering.
Peter Dale