Laughter Yoga 21st November

Sharon Miller (Joyworks!) with some of Group 3 plus Steven Connelly & Peter Dale

On Wednesday we had the lovely Sharon Miller of  Joyworks!  working with us, to gently encourage us to “let go and laugh”.

With over 10 years experience of using and teaching laughter yoga techniques, Sharon helped us to push our individual comfort zones through lots of fun games, music and silly hat wearing.

Laughter yoga is a creative method to tap into the natural healing and therapeutic properties of sharing fun and laughter with other people. Using laughter and theatre arts, Joyworks! aims

“to unite people through laughter and the creative and theatre arts, reduce feelings of stress and feelings of isolation, transform limiting beliefs and in doing so improve health and happiness.”  

It’s not easy getting a bunch of what are still relative strangers to enter into the spirit of laughing for no reason  – though we do a fair bit of laughing when we are together- and it was obvious that some people were a bit more “up tight” about dropping their reserve.

However, Sharon gently helped us to drop our guard and enter into the spirit through use of silly games and some very quirky hats, and everyone relaxed greatly.

This was shown by the positive feedback:

  • “Today was amazing – having a good laugh with others and I feel so much better and positive after doing it”
  • “I totally enjoyed the silly wee games that cheered me up”
  • “I loved all of it and I forgot about being anxious. Really built my confidence”
  • “I feel more relaxed and enjoyed the group bonding – loved the part with the hats”
  • “It was amazing and extremely fun! The whole session was an incredible experience, and I haven’t took part in anything like it before. Really great way to reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety”


The group are going to reflect on whether they would like to do a series of sessions with Sharon in the New Year, u to build self -esteem and self -confidence.

In the meantime, here’s a (bad) joke to spread the sunshine…

“What do you call a line of Barbies?”

“A barbie queue”