Epilepsy Futures

Epilepsy Futures: the opportunity to see life differently

Epilepsy can be a challenging condition to live with – maybe it is affecting your confidence, preventing you from feeling good about yourself, or leaving you feeling isolated from your community. Living with epilepsy doesn’t have to feel this way and the Epilepsy Futures project can help you build the skills to live well. 

Who is this for?

Epilepsy Futures is open to anyone:

  • with a diagnosis of epilepsy
  • aged 18+ 
  • who can travel to our office base in central Glasgow, and
  • who is ready to engage in a six month supported programme of positive action

How does it work?

Epilepsy Futures consists of a programme of activities delivered by Epilepsy Connections’ staff, volunteers with epilepsy and partner agencies.

The programme runs for 3 days per week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) for 6 months and includes workshops on topics like epilepsy self-management, managing mental health, confidence building, healthy lifestyle, and planning change. 

There is also support for you to get involved in other things you might be interested in, like college courses, going to the gym, walking groups, gardening, healthy eating—whatever you want to have a go at, we’ll work with you to try and make it happen.

What can I achieve with Epilepsy Futures?

This is up to you! The more you are able to commit, the more you will achieve. Many of our graduates feel that they have improved their well-being and think more positively about themselves. Others say that they feel more confident and in control in their everyday lives.  

We hope that you will graduate knowing more about your epilepsy and feeling more confident managing it. 

Is there any cost?

Our Epilepsy Futures project is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund and is free of charge to participants. You will have to cover your own transportation costs.

How do I find out more?

Check out the Epilepsy Futures blog posts for regular updates on what participants have been doing.

If you are interested in joining Epilepsy Futures and would like to have an initial chat about the programme, please contact Peter Dale, Epilepsy Futures coordinator on 0141 248 4125 or email pdale@epilepsyconnections.org.uk.


“I’ve learned more about me and feel like I have changed so much…others in my life have noticed it too”

“The questions posed during group sessions really made me think about ME! In a positive way”

“I am learning to take more control in my life”

“I feel more confident and inspired”

“I want to help other people now”

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