Awareness in Schools



Our Epilepsy Awareness in Schools project offers age-appropriate and informative presentations about epilepsy to school communities.


Why is Epilepsy Awareness in Schools important?

Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological conditions with approximately 63,400 children living with epilepsy in the UK. Epilepsy and the medications used to treat it can affect memory, concentration, and behaviour and impact on a child’s ability to learn. 50% of children with epilepsy underachieve at school. Additionally, lack of understanding and bullying from peers can affect a child’s self-esteem and well-being. Proper awareness and understanding of how epilepsy affects a child is integral to ensuring well-being and educational achievement. 

Our Epilepsy Awareness in Schools project:

  • Raises awareness of epilepsy and the challenges of living with the disease
  • Promotes open and positive attitudes and behaviour towards epilepsy
  • Reduces stigma and misunderstanding
  • Assists children and young people in need of support with epilepsy issues
  • Complements the Curriculum for Excellence Framework – in particular the Health and Well-Being Outcomes and Experiences

What do we offer?


We offer sessions for pupils of all ages as well as school staff and teachers. The sessions are provided by experienced, engaging facilitators who have been Disclosure checked. They are free of charge, but donations are very welcome and help support our work. We are more than happy to tailor sessions to meet the needs of your school.

For young learners

Pre-school and P1 – 3: a short, 20-minute session in the form of circle time activities.

P4 – 7: a 30-minute interactive talk supplemented with DVD clips, group activities and games.

Secondary S1 – 6: a 50-minute interactive talk supplemented with DVD clips and a case study.

For school staff

Our Epilepsy Awareness for Teachers and Staff sessions are in the form of an interactive talk with DVD clips and a comprehensive information pack. We are happy to tailor these to your needs.

For more information or to arrange a training session, please get in touch with our Glasgow office on 0141 248 4125 or email us on 

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