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Steven gives his own reflections on the recent trip to Holyrood, in his usual, inimitable fashion…


On the 21 June 2018, I was extremely privileged to be invited to attend the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh with the current Epilepsy Futures participants.

Previously, I have attended a Cross Party Group in Holyrood with Epilepsy Connections which was informative, beneficial and a great experience for myself.

Because of this I was excited and looking forward to supporting Group two with their day out in Edinburgh.

Sandra White (MSP) organised for us to have an exceptional and interesting tour of the Scottish Parliament, where we all discovered more about the architecture of this modern and beautiful building, as well as the history of the Scottish Parliament and all the work of all the members.

We also learned that the Scottish Parliament has four beehives in the members garden and they are visible from the members restaurant. The bees have great access to all the lovely plants and flowers in the Parliament gardens  which is in an amazing and gorgeous location, looking on to Arthur’s Seat.

The beehives produce honey which is collected and sold in the Parliament shop, but unfortunately we didn’t experience it as the Parliament Shop had ran out of stock and waiting on the bees to produce more.

(You can find out more about the bees at this link)

We also got the opportunity to sit in on First Ministers Questions which took place between 12-12.45pm.

During this time the First Minister answers questions from party leaders and MSP’s. It is very clear to see it is the most popular session in Parliament as it was a very busy public gallery.

I was honoured to experience this session, it was very exhilarating and interesting to attend the session, and I was proud to be supporting Epilepsy Futures on a day that everyone enjoyed.

Steven Connelly