“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams…” Eleanor Roosevelt

It doesn’t feel that long since I met the first group of Futures participants, but here I am again, completing the process of meeting a fresh group of people who are considering making positive changes in their lives.

Many of them attended our information session on 14th February, which gave an invaluable opportunity for them to meet others who had been in a similar position only a few months ago.

From years of working experience with people who are “labelled” by society, I am aware how much peoples hopes and dreams can be squashed by experiences. They often lose a sense of themselves and the things that are important to them as individuals.

When engaging with people who might be thinking of joining Futures,  my main questions centre on what are your hopes/dreams/what makes you happy in life?  Our dreams are important signposts for knowing what people, places, activities, situations make sense to us and make us feel alive.

It’s not even a question of having your dream come literally true, so much as knowing the direction you need to go in to rediscover yourself.

Before they start, group members are asked to reflect on topics such as

  • what people like and admire about them
  • what people, places, routines, possessions etc are important for them to have a good week
  • and how they like to be supported by others

This helps put them into a place where they can start to consider what they might like to change as a result of being part of the Epilepsy Futures programme.

As this first group draws to its conclusion, I am privileged to have witnessed how much the participants have grown and changed over the last six months, and I am excited to think about what the next group will achieve when they start on 22nd May


Peter Dale