Steven Purple Day


As Epilepsy Purple Day is fast approaching and because of the huge impact Epilepsy Futures has had on me I thought it was appropriate that I share at least part of my epilepsy journey with you all.

At the age of 21, I was diagnosed with tonic clonic epilepsy, after achieving seizure free status from a long occurred period of petit mal(absence) as a child.

The tonic clonic seizures, there is no explanation to why such horrific seizures came upon me. The seizures totally started out of the blue, I wasn’t feeling unwell at any specific time, I hadn’t suffered from any head injuries from any falls that would encourage the seizure activity to explode in my brain.

I am an extremely fortunate young man to be sitting in the situation that I am in just now i.e. alive. I experienced my first tonic clonic seizure in a bath. So thanks to my dad or I wouldn’t be engaging with you today.

At 21 my huge dream was to aspire to work in the media industry, and to suddenly think that all my dreams should just be forgotten about, was well and truly earth shattering.

Epilepsy certainly does not have to be a barrier to achieving, it’s not the end of the world even though it feels like that, with so many amazing services and professionals nowadays, there is so much support for everyone.

Since my diagnosis, I am on regular medication although there has been times where my seizures have been so serious that I have needed emergency medical treatment and I have dislocated my left shoulder a few times due to the impact in which I have fallen, eventually I got my left shoulder replaced.

Now I have not let my epilepsy hold me back at all. I have been so lucky to be attending beneficial support and social groups and to be supported by Jim Thompson, Epilepsy Connections Field Worker in Ayrshire & Arran who encouraged me to attend the programme.

Happy Purple Day Everyone xxxx

Steven Connelly

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