Printed works made by Group 3


Having just finished week 5 of their programme, Group 3 will reach the quarter way point in their “Epilepsy Futures” journey by 13th December.

We have lost a couple of people along the way, who realised that life, health and other circumstances meant that this wasn’t the right time for them to take part. It is a big commitment after all and the time has to be right to make positive changes.

But, we still have seven participants who have gelled togetherĀ  a very supportive and engaged way, with the makings of future peer mentors amongst the group.

This week the group has been learning about “Heart Start”(emergency first aid skills) and understanding more about their memory issues, both sessions being delivered by Sam Whitmore, Training and Development Manager.

On Wednesday 5th, we visited our friends at Project Ability for a print making workshop. The session was enjoyable, with one or two people remembering long forgotten skills and interests.

For others it brought up memories of people’s experiences at school, where Art teachers had been critical and dismissive of their abilities.

It’s so sad how negative voices can effectively shut us down, especially when we internalise them and take them as unquestionable truth.

With a planned block of sessions coming up in January 2019, hopefully participants will grow in confidence with able assistant of our tutor, and they will be able to replace those negative thoughts and memories with some positive ones.

Next week is our last before the Christmas holidays and will include

  • A SafeTalk session on Tuesday, to raise awareness of suicide, and how to help someone who is having suicidal thoughts or feelings. These are difficult thoughts and emotions to listen to, even though no one is being asked to directly share their own experiences. To promote “self care”, I’ve asked everyone to plan something nice that they can do for themselves on Tuesday after we’ve finished
  • A short peer support session on Wednesday morning, to review some of the themes and topics of the last six weeks, in the company of all of our current peer mentors (there may well be mince pies and other Christmas treats!)
  • A visit to City of Glasgow College on Thursday, to meet the Learning Support staff, and find out about possible future college options

Group 3 starts back on January 8th, with a blocks of sessions planned up til the end of February.


Peter Dale