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Group two had their graduation yesterday, though unfortunately due to autumn colds not everyone was able to be present.


Our Training and Development Manager, Sam Whitmore reflects

I recently presented members of ‘Group 2’ certificates of completion having reached the end of their 6 month Epilepsy Futures experience.

I’m fortunate to facilitate some training sessions for the group and therefore have the opportunity to meet and get-to-know them as they progress along their group and individual pathways.

The dynamic within the group is developed early with Peter during induction where boundaries are explored to ensure all members of the group feel valued and everyone respects other opinions, this makes for a trusting environment where people are enabled to take risks without the fear of ridicule.

Once this group dynamic is established individuals can flourish in a variety of ways and the change can be astounding to behold, equally for some it’s smaller steps but similarly dramatic for the individual concerned.

So I wish all those who graduated from ‘Group 2’ the best of possible futures.

Good Luck


Here are some of the comments participants have made  about their time with Epilepsy Futures;


  • “I’ve learned so much about myself and am happy that I can still learn new things”


  • “I rediscovered who I am and now realise that a lot of the things I do can be put down to the effects of my epilepsy and my medication”


  • “It was good to see how other people live with epilepsy, and it’s helped me make sense of how I can live better with my own”


  • “I no longer feel embarrassed about my epilepsy and my family are learning to give me more space, which is helping our relationship”


  • “My self confidence has grown and I no longer worry so much about planning the future – I can enjoy the present more”


  • “I’m not having nearly so many negative thoughts about myself and other things, and can spot them when they happen”


  • “It’s meant so much to me that I have been in such a mixed group, and to feel able to talk and be listened to, even when I lost my train of thought. This has been one of the best experiences of my life.”


  • “I feel I am adjusting now to the change that epilepsy has forced on me. I’ve lost a job I really loved, but  I have learned so much about epilepsy and myself, and know about so many options available to me.”


Tune in soon for the start of Group 3 and their Epilepsy Futures journey…

Peter Dale