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In this post Linda Hamilton (graduate from Epilepsy Futures group 1 and current peer mentor) shares some personal progress that she has made on her journey, since she joined us in November last year.

Linda started the programme feeling very self- conscious about her epilepsy and the way she felt it had “robbed her” of the person she was pre-diagnosis.

She spent most of her time at home or with her family, attending an art class on a weekly basis at a local church.

Telling people about her epilepsy would have been the last thing she would have felt comfortable doing, as she was always afraid at how she might be judged by people.

It was obvious that her confidence had grown when a few weeks ago she told us that she had mentioned her epilepsy to the organiser of art exhibition she was involved with, without a second thought.

This week Linda has been undertaking a short four day course at the University of Glasgow on “Mindfulness and Buddhism”, having started using the technique during visits to her CBT therapist in recent months.

Just thought I’d share my latest experience in case it can help empower even one other person to do something outside their comfort zone

I started my “Mindfulness and Buddhism” course yesterday at Glasgow University,

My daughter brought me yesterday but managed to get the bus myself today!

Also they asked us at the start of the class if we would introduce ourselves and say why we were there, I then told 18 people I had epilepsy and wanted to continue the mindfulness I had started with my CBT therapist.

I’ve been speaking up in class and even although I have had some seizures in class I seem to have “fitted in”, I would not have done this 6 months ago!!

Thanks to Epilepsy Futures for all the support!

Linda Hamilton

These are monumental changes for Linda – considering going to a course at University, taking the bus by herself despite the anxiety she has about remembering correct bus numbers and routes, and then discussing her epilepsy in general conversation…

Suffice to say we think she is an amazing inspiration!


Peter Dale