I am pleased to introduce you to our first Epilepsy Futures Blogger. Steven will be sharing some of his thoughts and feelings as he undertakes his own journey over the next few months.

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I grew up in a very small village a million miles away from Glasgow. I studied Media and Film Broadcasting at college and left there a very proud and happy boy, I gained two years worth of qualifications in the field I was passionate and had a real energy for, and most importantly was working towards a possible career in journalism.

I proceeded on to University, an excited and energetic young man with hopes and dreams and most importantly friends and confidence.

Unfortunately that particular time for university just wasn’t to be as my epilepsy got unbearable and it was impossible for me to continue on the course.

All of a sudden I transformed into this person over night who I didn’t recognise and became house bound. It wasn’t just the seizures that was causing my life hell but the cocktail of medications, the NHS did their best to find a solution that would help me.

I felt so lonely. I was In such a dark place and situation. I had no friends, they all were busy,with university, having fun and abandoned me.

I am an extremely lucky boy and lucky to be taking part in Epilepsy Futures and honoured and humbled to be writing my bio, as I took an overdose and attempted suicide at this time.

Three years on and with the help of my Epilepsy Nurse Gareth Davidson, I started getting involved with groups and activities run by Epilepsy Awareness. After talking things over with Jim Thompson (Fieldworker) who runs the Ayrshire and Arran support groups I attend, and Scott Coyne (Volunteer Coordinator) who runs Friends Connected, I decided to get involved with Epilepsy Futures.

Epilepsy Futures has made such a huge and positive impact in my life. I am extremely confident and feel positive about life in general.

Futures has helped me learn about everybody’s different epilepsy experiences. and I now feel  at ease talking to the group about any issues that may arise, and feel that I will be keeping contact with one person with whom I have made a close connection

I feel so inspired and motivated to help other people, I have applied for a volunteering position within a care sector and they have received my application form.

I feel so much  happier and at ease, Epilepsy Futures is such great beginning.

Steven Connelly