Free Wheel Photo Sam

On a nearly sunny Thursday, four of the Epilepsy Futures group went along with Sam Whitmore (our Training and Development Manager and keen cyclist) to have a whole lot of fun at Free Wheel North at their location on Glasgow Green

This charity operates a safe inclusive cycling space near to the People’s Palace/Templeton Business Centre, with adapted bikes of all sorts – bikes, trikes, go carts and more.

For some of our participants it was a rare opportunity to experience pedal power – for the first time in many years!

The group then went for a cuppa and chat in the nearby People’s Palace Winter Gardens cafe before walking back into town.


Feedback from the day included:

“What I liked most about today was getting some exercise and using muscles I haven’t used for ten years”

“It was an amazing way to spend time with my fellow Futures friends and take part in an activity I hadn’t done in years”

“I learned that I can still ride a bike – getting out in the fresh air and doing exercise was brilliant”

“I enjoyed having a fun opportunity to talk and get some exercise”