Stained glass image of St Valentine


When I organised an information session to let people find out about Epilepsy Futures, I hadn’t realised that one of St Valentine’s many associations is as a patron Saint of people who have epilepsy, so it couldn’t have had a more auspicious timing.

The event itself was set up to be informal, with four of the current group on hand to welcome and share experiences with seven people who are interested in taking part.

What was apparent to me was how much people relaxed in the couple of hours we were together. From being nervous on arrival, you could see an actual physical change as people relaxed and bonded about shared experiences. So much so that it felt like a rude interruption to draw the meeting to an end.

The existing members were total stars in helping people to relax, acting as “meeters and greeters”, tea makers and sharing how many huge changes they have experienced over the last three months, they really helped to give the others an insight into what their own Futures journey might be.

It is so amazing to witness how they are growing and changing.

Peter Dale