Futures at the Mitchell

Today’s post from Steven reflects upon the emotions thrown up for him thinking about his past, and how life with epilepsy has affected him.


This week was session five of our “Epilepsy and You” online course, created by our friends at Epilepsy Action.

Personally, every Tuesday when I am with my fellow participants  I am still excited and passionate to be in such an amazing and lavish building as the Mitchell Library.

This week’s topic raised the repercussions that epilepsy has on your every day feelings, especially on your mental health. When you get that diagnosis, your world changes and you feel a sense of depression and disbelief, as you assume that your future life options have changed.

On entering our work space the other day, as I removed my workbook from my bag, and turned to subject topic “Your feelings”,  I reflected on my life before taking part in Futures, which now seems such a long time ago.

Not without a few tears, I thought of all I have achieved, benefited and accomplished from this “Epilepsy Futures” experience. However I was still rather nervous about this week’s topic, as I felt a lot of fear at revisiting my past feelings and experiences.

As always I get a lot of inspiration through my fellow “Epilepsy Futures” friends, and I appreciate hearing every ones Epilepsy stories, thoughts and feelings. I honestly was delighted to see everyone with their computers, and writing away in their work books, especially my neighbour who was writing a novel!

I felt safe at this point, and I completed this topic without any complications, and really enjoyed it.

This week’s session was extremely helpful, and inspired me to compare my feelings from over the last few years until now.

Wow, I am happy, I’ve never been happier.

Steven Connelly