As part of our self-management programme Epilepsy Connections is working together with Epilepsy Action, to give our Epilepsy Futures participants the chance to deepen their understanding of how they can better tackle the impact of epilepsy on their lives.

From 6th March we will be taking part in their online Epilepsy and You course, working through the material together at a community based library. Everyone will be able to log in and complete the sessions at their own pace, but with the added support of familiar faces working through the same material at the same time.

The programme covers a range of issues related to self management, including work, relationships, dealing with stress, sleep and it has been scientifically validated by Coventry University.

This week we have two members of Epilepsy Action staff (Georgina and Maxine) coming to support a couple of peer mentors, our external trainer Tim and myself in how we can act as online support for the group during their journey.

We are very excited to be incorporating this award winning programme into Epilepsy Futures, and are sure that participants will gain new knowledge, skills and confidence from taking part.

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Peter Dale