Our publications have now been reviewed, updated and the content reduced in size and the following printed versions are available from the office:

Epilepsy – An Introduction

Epilepsy – An Introduction (Hindi)

Epilepsy – An Introduction (Polish)

Epilepsy – An Introduction (Urdu)

Epilepsy – Antiepileptic Drugs

Epilepsy – Driving and Travel

Epilepsy – Safety

However, the website versions shown below are available to view or download.


Epilepsy and Learning – a new booklet we have produced containing information for teachers and staff within educational environments or for parents/carers of someone attending an educational facility.


We also have three A5 postcards available for GP surgeries, pharmacies etc to display.  These contain contact details and information on the services we provide in Glasgow & Clyde, Forth Valley and Ayrshire & Arran.  If you would like a supply just contact the office indicating which geographical area you wish.  Glasgow postcard  Ayrshire & Arran postcard



Support Services in Greater Glasgow & Clyde (pdf 558 KB)

Epilepsy - an introduction (pdf 573 KB)

Epilepsy - An introduction (Hindi) leaflet (pdf 2 MB)

Epilepsy - An introduction (Polish) leaflet (pdf 1 MB)

Epilepsy - An introduction (Urdu) leaflet (pdf 2 MB)

Epilepsy - First Aid for Seizures (pdf 644 KB)

Epilepsy - Antiepileptic Drugs (AEDs) (pdf 697 KB)

Epilepsy - Driving (pdf 613 KB)

Epilepsy - Travel (pdf 566 KB)

Epilepsy - Safety in the home (pdf 509 KB)

Epilepsy - Safety - Educational environments (pdf 578 KB)

Epilepsy - Safety in Sport (pdf 689 KB)

Epilepsy - Safety at work (pdf 568 KB)

Epilepsy - Safety - Leisure and Pleasure (pdf 560 KB)

Epilepsy and Dental Health (pdf 591 KB)

Welfare Benefit Changes (pdf 565 KB)

Concessionary Travel (pdf 382 KB)

Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder (NEAD) and Non-Epileptic Attacks (pdf 590 KB)