Epilepsy Connections has an allotment in Glasgow’s west end at which we grow fruit and vegetables.

If you enjoy being outdoors and would like to try your hand at gardening, whilst meeting up with other people with epilepsy, then this gardening project is for you!

Gardening sessions normally run from the end of March/beginning of April on Fridays through to the end of October.  Sessions run from 10.30am – 1.00pm.


Gardening Project Annual Calendar 2016



And so another wonderful gardening season comes to a close.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in what was a highly social and happily abundant time.  I wish you all the best for the winter and look forward to seeing you all next year.  Peter Murphy


Now is the time to reap the rewards from all the work put in over the season.  It’s a real pleasure to take home, cook and eat the abundance of fresh organic veg that we have grown ourselves.


It’s been a good month – nice and warm, nice and wet, just the way the garden loves it.  We’ve all benefited well from the abundance of fruit and veg already available to take home and there’s still plenty left in the ground still growing.


A longer month than usual and so managed to get a lot done.  We upgraded the plot by finishing another path.  We also planted up the last piece of free dirt.  Still the weeds keep growing, but we are keeping on top of it.


Group attendance has been high again this month, all making the best of the heatwave.  The plant growth has been fantastic but unfortunately so has the growth of the weeds!


It’s been a good month for filling up the plot with a real mix of seed, bulb and tubors.  Already the green shoots are pushing up adn bringing a big smile to our faces – a simple reward for the effort!


Welcome back everyone, hopefully to another happy and productive season.  It’s begun so far with a friendly, enthusiastic group who have made short work of all the preparation including the weeding and soil improvements.  Now we are all set to commence planting.


If you are interested in coming along, or you would like further details, please phone Scott Coyne at the office on 0141.248.4125


Kirklees Allotment – a poem by Laura Brock