Ethnic Minorities

We can offer support to people from Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Communities and extend that support to include their families, friends and carers.

Our staff understand:

  • the wide range of different views and ways of thinking about epilepsy among different ethnic communities
  • the difficulty in talking about epilepsy outside the immediate family in ethnic communities.


We have staff who are bilingual and who can offer information, advice and support on all aspects of epilepsy in Urdu, Punjabi and Chinese in a confidential and informal setting.

Assistance can also be provided at epilepsy-related appointments to ensure that people with epilepsy fully understand their epilepsy, what treatment options are possible and other sources of support they can access.

We deliver bilingual and culturally appropriate epilepsy awareness programmes to ethnic groups where we aim to:

  • raise awareness of the condition
  • ensure a good understanding of how best to manage seizures
  • reduce the stigma surrounding epilepsy in ethnic communities.

We also hold culturally appropriate support groups such as Carers’ Groups and Women’s Groups to offer individuals within ethnic communities opportunities:

  • to get together with others who are affected by similar concerns and issues
  • to share and exchange information and experiences
  • to relax and enjoy a fun activity for the day.


So what’s in it for you?

  • bilingual, confidential advice about epilepsy and related issues in a non-judgemental friendly environment
  • cultural understanding of experiences you are going through and listening ear support from staff
  • greater understanding of epilepsy and ways in which to manage it and live well with the condition
  • meeting new people who can offer mutual support and share their experiences of living with epilepsy
  • culturally appropriate activities and support groups to reduce isolation
  • we cal also signpost you to other services and support, both within Epilepsy Connections and the wider community.

Listen to the experiences of a young woman from the BME community coming to terms with epilepsy and working through the myths that exist regarding epilepsy.

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Epilepsy, Culture and Religion: Attitudes in Black Minority Ethnic Groups in Glasgow